We have collected our most frequently asked question. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Apart from being a potentially climate neutral refrigerant, CO2 heat pumps can deliver unbeatable efficiency, especially when used to heat hot water.
All our heat pumps are delivered with advanced ejector technology which ensures a very high COP for space heating and cooling. Our heat pumps can also heat water to over 90°C with a COP of over 4.
This makes our heat pumps the most efficient plug and play heat pumps on the market.

Our heat pumps are Plug & Play. They can be installed by anyone with general plumbing expertise or experience installing air-conditioning or heat pumps.

Our heat pumps come preconfigured, according to the order requirements, so only need to be turned on to work. In the case of a need to change settings the prescribed technical expert can help.

A Tequs heat pumps can be used for climate control to heat and cool indoor spaces as well as to heat hot water up to 90°C.

We set requirements for our customers and partners, and only deliver to professional actors. This doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert on natural refrigerants, or that you have delivered similar products before. We will do case by case assessments to ensure that you have the appropriate competencies to work independently with our products once you have been introduced to them.